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I like swimming

2022-06-25 04:43Swimming diet
Summary: Swimming composition 20000000000 wordsHow hot and annoying summer is. But I like summer very much, because it brings us endless fun. I like swimming. Summer is the best season for swimming. Yesterday
Swimming composition 20000000000 words
How hot and annoying summer is. But I like summer very much, because it brings us endless fun. I like swimming. Summer is the best season for swimming. Yesterday I went swimming with my mother and my good friend Xiong Xi. In the afternoon, the weather was cool and the air was freshComposition I learned to swim 308 words: the composition of the third grade students
The following model article is only for reference. I hope to help you this summer vacation. The most rewarding thing for me is learning to swim. In the midsummer of July, the sun lost its original tenderness, scorched the earth, poured a basin of water on the ground, and the thirsty earth immediately sucked it clean. My mother and I were exposed to the scorching sunSwimming diary 50 words
Fanwenyi: today is really a happy day, because I learned to swim. Today, my mother took me to the swimming pool to learn swimming. I saI like swimmingw a lot of children coming to learn at the same time, as well as many beautiful swimsuits. My mother signed me up and chose a beautiful red swimming suit. I came to the swimming pool with my childrenHow to write the beginning of learning to swim
For a while, I was at a loss. In the sea of learning, the teacher is the wave that helps me move forward, but it seems that I just drift with the waves and allow myself to change the prescribed swimming style by the waves. Approaching the high school entrance examination, I was suddenly confused... That day, my father took me swimming to relax me. "Come on, swim from here tI like swimmingo the other side
Write a composition about swimming
I live near the Minjiang River. The beautiful Minjiang River flows slowly under my feet. Every summer, the children around me visit Minjiang River almost every day. Although I also like to go swimming with my father, I always wear a swimming circle and never dare to leave itWhen I went swimming, I laughed and wrote 400 words
One day in the summer vacation, my parents took me to the swimming pool. They asked me to practice swimming there first and then apply for swimming classes. I think: the aunts in the TV are so beautiful when they fall into the water. I'll come too. I put on my glasses, took the life buoy, came to the deep water, and jumped into the air. I didn't think I could turn aroundSwimming composition 400 words
"Swimming" must be a different experience for everyone. Some people are afraid of swimming because of swimming, but I want to say to them: "swimmI like swimminging is not terrible, the terrible thing is not daring to swim
My father carefully taught me to swim, and wrote a composition in a descriptive way
In order to make me strong, my mother and father decided to let me learn swimming. But I was a little scared when I heard from the students who had learned to swim. On the first day of learning to swim, at the urging of my mother, I came to the swimming pool uneasily. I saw a swimming pool larger than a basketball court in front of me. The pool was crowdedThe sample text of my favorite sport swimming
Speaking of sports, I like swimming best. There are different kinds of swimming: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle and so on. SwimI like swimmingming is also an Olympic eventDownload 500 word news report about swimming
In the afternoon, the weather was stuffy and hot. My father said he would take me swimming. I was overjoyed. At the gate of the swimming pool, my father bought me a new pair of swimming pants and entered the swimming pool. There are so many people in the swimming pool, including old people, young people and many children like me. I saw them swimming happily in the pool
I like swimming

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