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Chongqing Dazu swimming some holiday villages

2022-07-02 00:53Swimming diet
Summary: I will visit Dazu in August and introduce Dazu stone carvings and Longshui Lake in detailIn addition to the stone carvings, Dazu also has a Longshui lake, which is called the West Lake by Dazu people.
I will visit Dazu in August and introduce Dazu stone carvings and Longshui Lake in detail
In addition to the stone carvings, Dazu also has a Longshui lake, which is called the West Lake by Dazu people. It is very beautiful. There are some vacation villages, and now there is a film and television base and a CS center. People who don't go there say it's not worth it, but you can stay there at night. There is an International Youth Hostel where the lake is very clear. You should be careful when swimmingComposition of Dazu Longshui Lake Water Park
I fell into the swimming pool and drank a lot of water, but I seemed to be more rationChongqing Dazu swimming  some holiday villagesal than my brother and competed steadily. Then we went on a higher slide. This time, my brother was a little afraid and was a lot more careful, but I didn't think so much and rushed down. At first, it was very fast, and then there were two sharp turns
How many people can Dazu stadium hold
The largeChongqing Dazu swimming  some holiday villagesst football field is located in Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which has been recognized as the largest football field in the world. It can accommodate 205000 people, including 155000 seats. The fourth World Cup was held in that country in July, 1950What's interesting about Chongqing Dazu dragon water
The lake is clear, the scenery of lakes and mountains, the line between water and sky, the forest of Xishan Mountain is green, the scenery is beautiful, the cranes are flying, and the water is in the middle of the lake. The green pines on the island mountain are green, and the green trees are hidden. There are more than 20 kinds of rare birds on the island, such as white cranChongqing Dazu swimming  some holiday villageses, wild ducks, mandarin ducks and so on. It is a wild natural scenery, known as the "Dazu West Lake"How much is the ticket of Dazu Longshui lake? Farmhouse accommodation? Hot spring tickets? Can I go swimming in the lake? Hope is in the most
10 yuan. It depends on whether you live in the scenic area or outside the scenic area. There are more than 100 youth receptions in the scenic area and 60 private farmhouses outside the scenic area. You can't swim in the lake in the scenic area, but if you want to swim in the lake, go to the Yulong town government. There are many farmhouses opposite the Yulong town government, where you can directly swim in the lakeDazu dragon water is the best place to play
Longshui is more fun than visiting Longshui lake, climbing Yulong Mountain and visiting Hardware City (Longshui kitchen knife is famous all over the country, so remember to buy two back)
What are the interesting places in Dazu District of Chongqing
It is more than 500 meters long. The rock is about 7 meters high and statues are made along the cliff. From south to north, the shape is like a crescent moon, and the niche is like a beehive. More than 5000 statues. The statues are exquisite and skillful. 7. Western China Film and television base western China Film and television base is located in Dazu, Chongqing, covering an area of 6 square kilometersPlease tell me where Dazu has a place to bathe, swim and touch babies. There is a phone number
Just beside the new century in the middle of the foot, there is a special place for babies to swim and bathe
Chongqing main urban area to Dazu Longshui Lake self-help tour for help
When you go to chenjiaping orChongqing Dazu swimming  some holiday villages Caiyuanba, you can take about 40 cars to Dazu, about 2 hours' drive. The road is in good condition, almost full speed; Where does Longshui lake have a holiday spring? There are 24-hour security guards. The price is not very expensive. There are still several resorts in PS Longshui lake, and the charge is relatively reasonableWhere is a swimming pool in Dazu? Please give me the detailed address. Thank you
Excuse me, there are swimming places in Dazu. The tickets are not expensive. Thank you
Chongqing Dazu swimming some holiday villages

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