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It's my holiday. Can I swim

2022-06-25 17:06Swimming diet
Summary: Can I swim during my holidayIt is best not to swim during menstruation. This is because during menstruation, the endometrium is stripped off, the cervix is loose, the sewage in the swimming pool may e
Can I swim during my holiday
It is best not to sIt's my holiday. Can I swimwim during menstruation. This is because during menstruation, the endometrium is stripped off, the cervix is loose, the sewage in the swimming pool may enter the vagina, and the upward bacterial infection into the endometrium will cause acute endometritis. Clinically, there will be fever, pain in the lower abdomen, abnormal menstruation, increased leucorrhea and other acute abdominal symptomsCan menstrual girls swim
In fact, the vast majority of women in the physiological cycle can participate in sports, as long as they are not excessive and feel comfortable, there is no problem. But is it OK to go into the water (such as swimming)? This has always been a controversy. In recent years, many athletes have carried out training and competition as usual during menstrual period, including swimming and divingIt's my period how to swim
Aunt came to swim like this? Use tampons or menstrual cups before swimming. Although swimming can temporarily stop menstruation, it is not healthy to swim with friends without tampons or menstrual cups. If you feel uncomfortable using these, you'd better try them at home before swimmingCan you swim during menstruation
When menstruation comes, the endometrium is bleeding, and the uterine orifice will be slightly opened. At this time, the bacteria in the water will enter the vagina. Easy to cause irregular menstruation. Since the water temperature in the swimming pool is certainly not very high in summer, it is generally cold water. If you swim during menstruation, you will be stimulated by cold waterHow about swimming with my aunt
Menstrual swimming is easy to catch gynecological diseases. 1. Although the water in the swimming pool is disinfected circularly, bacteria still exist. The female vagina is in direct contact with the water in the swimming pool. When menstruation comes, the endometrium is bleeding and the uterine orifice is slightly opened. Although the vagina has self purification function and natural defense function, the female resistance is relatively weakened in the early menstruationCan you swim when menstruation comes
No! It is not suitable to swim for three days before and after menstruation! Because women's reproductive organs are very different from men's, the internal genital uterus is connected with the outside world through the vagina, and with the help of the fallopian tube and the abdominal cavity. During the menIt's my holiday. Can I swimstrual period, the endometrium falls off, the uterine orifice opens, and menstruation flows out of the body from the vagina. At this point, the endometrium is the formation of woundCan I go swimming when my aunt is here
Lesbian, it is generally not recommended to go swimming when menstruation comes. Because of the physical reasons during menstruation, swimming is easy to cause pelvic congestion. This is unhealthy. But there are some special exceptions, such as swimmers and divers. They need swimming training, so they should use AB tether, so that they can swimCan you swim during your period
It's best not to go swimming during the period, because the swimming pool is not thoroughly disinfected, and there are bacteria, so it'It's my holiday. Can I swims easy to get sick. During the period of the period, people's immunity is low, and everyone has it. So don't go during the holiday. It's bad for your healthCan you come and swim, aunt
Because the body's resistance to menstruation is relatively low, it is easy It's my holiday. Can I swimto get a lot of infectious diseases. Because there may be many microorganisms and some infectious diseases in the swimming pool, you must pay attention to the health of the vulva during menstruation, and you cannot swim in the swimming poolCan women swim during menstruation
Female friends in the physiological period had better not touch cold water. They should pay attention to keeping their abdomen and feet warm, and can't bathe and wash their hair with cold water
It's my holiday. Can I swim

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